Power Factor Panel

In induction loads, Lite, Lathe, Milling machine, Injection moulding machines, Crusher plants, Low power factor will happen to rectify it capacitor panels are fixed.

Phase Sequence Corrector

Automatic phase sequence corrector panel sometimes, when in EB cable change work is done, three phase sequence may be changed.

Motor starter

we manufactured supply high quality DOL starter , star delta starter and all type of starter ranging from 3HP to 200 HP. We also provide heavy duty star motor delta starter for crusher plates.

Maximum Demand Control

Quality micro control is used to manufacture this control which has good technology. This works equal to E.B meter. We can read even 1% more or less in EB kwh.100% M.D penalty is avoided.

EB Meter Panel

For your factory, house, or apartment use to get E.B service, this panel is fixed. quality products are used to manufacturer this panel.

VFD Drive Panel

Upto 200 HP, international quality V.F.D from leading companies like ABB, Yaskawa, L&T, Danisco are used for manufacturing.

Earth Rods

International quality earth rods, and advanced chemical mixer are used for earthing earth resistance is maintained between 1 to 3 . Best method of earth tester is used for testing.

Custom Built Panel

S.P.M ( special purpose machines ) are manufactured by us with accurate measuring micro controls.